Any more Boomershoot gun bloggers?

Gun bloggers planning to attend Boomershoot 2009 should send me an email at I posted about this last month and several people expressed considerable interest but didn’t actually say yes.

General announcement of Boomershoot 2009 registration will be made soon. The event fills up very quickly and I want bloggers planning to attend to get a fair shot at getting a position.


4 thoughts on “Any more Boomershoot gun bloggers?

  1. I’m signed up, check your email, I’ve got another 3 “cleanup” participants for you and I need to make sure my totals are right.

    As for being a blogger participant, I’d love too. Besides I don’t actually mind the Spokane ATF office that much. The one time I had to deal with them they were actually quite helpful. Even though most of them had no clue what a UPIN was.


  2. I’m interested. It’s a long way off though, and I’ve just graduated from UW and am newly self employed. I should be able to make it out then though. I’ll work on it for a week and then sign up if it looks like it will work out. I sure am getting tired of shooting at only 100yds.

  3. Looks like I’ll not be making it.

    My situation may (hopefully) be in flux during that time. Going after a new job, which will keep me close to home for a while.

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