More stuff in the mail

In addition to the postcard from Dave Barry I also received some other stuff today that thrilled me almost as much.

I received a couple of patches from Thirdpower. I’m going to put one on my Boomershoot coat and the other one on my cork board at work.

I received the explosives handler form Squeaky filled out a few days ago. It sure looks like we are going to have another gun nut playing with explosives next April. Cool!


2 thoughts on “More stuff in the mail

  1. Back when I was doing some time in the Guard, I was in an Admin Co. I had a logo airbrushed on a T-shirt(O.D.of course). It was two quill pens inside the Admin collar brass(a wreath) with a motto around the outside that said in French “Don’t F*** With the Paper-Pushers”.

    It was a joke when I did it, but as I grew older I realized that it was true.

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