My leg did not explode

I injured my leg at Boomershoot which was over three weeks ago. It didn’t hurt that much at the time but it started swelling a few days later. While in Louisville I did a lot of standing and walking. And Thursday¬†through Sunday nights I got four, three, four, and five hours of sleep. By Sunday afternoon my leg was swollen up tight as a balloon. I went back to the motel and laid on the floor with my feet on the bed to reduce the pressure.

Today I called the doctor shortly after my plane landed and made an appointment. She looked at it and sent me to get a Doppler study done. There are no clots and the blood flow from my groin to my ankle is just fine. They found a hematoma just below the knee which is the problem. I’m to elevate the leg more, apply heat and compression for a few days and see if that helps.

I’m pretty comfortable right now except I’m still short on sleep. Thanks to everybody for asking how I’m doing.


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