We must not be the parents

I think she must have been swapped at birth with someone else’s child.

Barb and I wouldn’t have a child that received her lowest grade in math! We meet each other in algebra class and each took four years of math in high school followed by I can’t remember how many math classes in college.

I suppose we have to keep her now.

Update: This just in–a picture of Xenia and I are in this article about an Ohio dad jailed after daughter fails to get GED. We are the picture on the far right of the row of pictures.


3 thoughts on “We must not be the parents

  1. I suspect the website is some sort of bot that picks some random news story, searches for pictures that sort of match the headline and posts the combination. Google ads provide the incentive.

  2. That article seemed biased to the very left. I assume your pic was used as an example of “bad” parent. Which is kind of amusing (or insulting) or maybe both.

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