Boomershoot dinner, raffle, and weather

The details for the Boomershoot Dinner have been finalized. Please see the details and sign up here.

There is a discount if you RSVP early so do it soon. There is very little time left.

There will also be a raffle to benefit Project Valour-IT of Soldiers Angels. You don’t need to attend the dinner to participate in the raffle. Please go to the above link to read the details. We are also asking for donations to raffle off. Please contribute to this very worthy cause.

We are only 15 days from the big event and weather forecasts are starting to have some validity. I was on site last Sunday and there was still a lot of snow and mud. Since then we have had some more snow as well as a few days of warm weather. I doubt it has dried out much.

Looking out two weeks is subject to a lot of error but currently the forecast for April 24, 25, 26 (Thursday->Saturday) is, respectfully, for rain, snow, and mostly cloudy with showers. Prior to that there is supposed to be a fair amount of cloudy weather mixed with some sun. I’ll visit the site next weekend and will know more but my guess is that we are going to have some mud and perhaps even snow drifts to deal with. This will affect the Boomershoot staff more than the shooters but spectators and shooters should make appropriate plans.

Position 18 has opened up. If you know someone who would like to participate and has not signed up please send them here.