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It sounds like something is miswired in the brain. I’ve talked to women that were true sex addicts and women who took drugs to reduce their sexual desire to managable levels, but this is significantly different:

PSAS, identified and named just six years ago, remains a mysterious condition that thousands of women wish they didn’t have. They are constantly on the edge of orgasm regardless of time, place or circumstance. And while this situation might sound desirable, funny or just plain weird it is actually akin to being a prisoner: a nightmarish reality where a woman’s body acts independently of her own desires.

ABC News spoke with four women who all experience unwanted sexual sensations. Heather Dearmon, Nancy Austin, and two women who requested anonymity (referred to as Lauren and Emily) all suffer from unintended sexual arousal.

“It’s unwanted sexual sensations in your vagina,” Dearmon said.

“And sex doesn’t help it,” Lauren said. “Orgasm doesn’t relieve it, sometimes it makes it stronger. This is to me, irritating, torture.”

It’s a sad situation. Apparently there is an exception to Dr. Joe’s cure for everything.

[H/T to Phil for pointing it out to me.]


2 thoughts on “Interesting condition

  1. I haven’t read the article, and I am sure it is a sad condition, but the first thought that occurred to me is, “Welcome to Guy World.”

  2. I’m weeping crocodile tears, here. We xy folks have suffered from this since we were,oh, 12 years old, and have learned to control it. If nothing else avails, single-handed Web browsing is sometimes helpful, I believe. has lotsa good text which will get _anybody’s_ juices flowing.

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