Another Boomershoot 2008 position will soon be available

I am going to make Position 3 (in the .50 Caliber Ghetto) available at 6:00 PM Pacific time tonight.

It is not required that you shoot a .50 caliber from this position but you will be somewhat limited on the available targets. And any targets at the 375 yard line are off limits to .50 caliber guns.

Because of the extreme angle for some of the 375 yard targets you will be limited to only about half of them. Only the targets on the berm to the left of the three trees in the picture below are available:

For more details about the position see the description here:

If you have any questions send an email or give me a call at 208-301-4254.

At 6:00 PM refresh the page in your browser to see the button for position #3 become available.


Joe Huffman
Boomershoot Event Director