Wonderfalls wrap-up

Last week James and I finished watching Wonderfalls and then started Farscape this week (we found Season One in a far off, obscure video rental store and are shipping it in/out at great expense).

Wonderfalls was a pretty good show. I think James liked it better than I did. There were some good quotes:

Jaye: [spying on a little boy customer] He’s eyeing the Slinky. You know, he has to steal, like, four of those for me to even get a dollar.
Wonderfalls Security Guard: Is this one of those stores that gives its employees a cash bonus when they apprehend a shoplifter?
Jaye: Ten percent of whatever they were gonna steal. One time, I “accidentally” left the watch case open and I got like 500 bucks!

Hale: The Blonde one’s gay. Look at her. The fingernails are a dead giveaway.
Hale: Cut all nice and short. Clean cuticle beds. Lesbians always trim their nails like that. You know why?

Jaye: [talking about Bianca] She’s nice. We should take her clubbing.
Mahandra: …baby seals?

Or noticing the bartender’s cell phone is ringing in his back pocket— Jaye says, “Your ass is ringing.” Bartender: “My ass rings a lot.” Jaye: “Have you ever thought of setting it on vibrate? Bartender: “I’m not sure I’m secure enough with my manhood to do that.” Jaye: “So, why do you have an ass if you don’t answer it?”

James lamented that too many good shows are canceled after one season. In this case I thing I understand why it wouldn’t have that big of audience. Even though had a rather flimsy premise it was well executed and witty but I think the delivery speed and the intelligence required to catch all the jokes as they came whizzing by would eliminate 80% of the population.

[heavy sigh]

Our demographic probably isn’t the best investment of T.V. talent and airtime.