Boomershoot fireballs are posers

One of the Burning Man organizers wrote me last week saying he wanted to participate in Boomershoot 2007. We got to chatting and he sent me at link to this video of the fireworks show they put on for Burning Man 2007. He also gave some technical details:

The fireball was about 600 feet high and probably 500 in diameter or more as it expanded. I think it had somewhere around 1200 gallons of fuel shot into the air from the four tanks. Then several thousand gallons of liquid propane were shot up the middle of the 99 foot tall derrick.

Boomershoot’s biggest fireballs have used four gallons of gasoline. Of course most of our viewers were within 20 yards, but still…


6 thoughts on “Boomershoot fireballs are posers

  1. Lessee here:

    Burning Man is a party in the desert for the wackiest of our folks. This crowd is supposedly heavily populated with tree-huggers.

    1200 gallons of gas?

    No parties for oil!!!
    Destruction of habitat!!! (I’m sure some insignificant critter lives out there.)
    Glowball warming!!!

    Snicker.. These folks never fail to entertain.

    Gotta love those “art cars.”

  2. I like the “ground-effects” fireworks, you don’t have to strain your neck looking up. Yes the BurningMan crowd is pretty well populated by the politically-cerberally disconnected BayAryanHipsterusIronicus, to whom saying “No War for Oil” in no way contradicts the rest of their activities…

  3. Please, read up a bit before casting aspersions. The BM crowd is well aware of it’s footprint, and is doing stuff about it: Most large scale fire art bought carbon offsets, solar/wind/biodiesel/methane was used more than ever this last year for power there, etc. Sure, it’s not perfect, but everybody is at least aware, if not actively trying to make things better.

    Come on, you guys! This is exactly the kind of thing that _everybody_ can enjoy! After all, this is the group of people who came up with car hunt, the drive by shooting range, and some of the coolest large scale explosions you will find outside of the military. What’s not to like about an event that _encourages_ anarchy, free thinking, community, etc?

    Disclaimer: I had in front of the front row seats to the Crude Awakening burn this year, and it TOTALLY WAS AWESOME! 🙂

  4. Burning Man = anti-gun bigots.

    The days of the drive-by shooting range are long gone at burning man.

    The organizers forbid firearms on the site.

  5. Yeah. You think that they wanted to close it down to guns? Unfortunately, as it’s gotten bigger, it’s gotten harder for them to get the permit from the BLM to hold the event. They’ve had to jump through all sorts of hoops to keep it going. Sadly, one of them was no guns. It certainly wasn’t their choice. There are still a ton of folks there who enjoy bangsticks and who are sad about the changes that BLM has forced on them.

    See, this is where you need to turn off the knee-jerk anti-liberal stuff. You are missing a great chance to find some common ground with some good folks. Why not encourage, rather than cut down?

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