A New Years Eve Party?

From my Sitemeter it appears someone is looking for a good time on New Years Eve:

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Continent  :  North America
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State  :  Idaho
City  :  Coeur D Alene
Lat/Long  :  47.6609, -116.8343 (Map)
Distance  :  65 miles (local visitor)
Language   English (U.S.)
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Sorry, we won’t be having that type of party at our place tonight. It will be spent with our kids, Barb’s sister, and her family. And when I say that, keep in mind this is Idaho, not West Virginia or some such place.


3 thoughts on “A New Years Eve Party?

  1. We’re planning a quiet evening at home as well.

    Happy New Year from Traction Control. Hoping that 2008 is the greatest ever for you and yours.


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