I Am Legend

James and I went to see the movie on Saturday night. This was apparently at about the same time as Kevin and his wife. James thought it was really good. I thought it was very well done but came away feeling not quite right about it. I couldn’t put it in words for James or Barb but if you take what Kevin said and multiply it by about 0.8 you get pretty close.


2 thoughts on “I Am Legend

  1. It was indeed well-made. Call me strange, but silent and dark Manhattan had an eerie beauty that I wanted to explore. And race around in a Shelby Mustang. And hunt deer in with an M4.

    My littlest sister has an unexpected fascination with zombie movies. She’s okay with ‘fast zombies’. But the CG-ness of the critters in this flick left her cold.

    For me, ‘The Omega Man’, with all its 70’s cheese, is more enjoyable. Taking a submachinegun to psycho albino mutant Luddite hippie death cultists is just more satisfying than shooting at the feral relatives of Bat Boy.

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