Running on empty

I’ve been working very long hours the last week or so–including this weekend. Barb came over to my Seattle area “bunker” to visit and it’s a good thing she had lots of scrap-booking supplies to work with while I was doing the “work from home” thing. I’m waiting for a build to complete now after making tons of changes.

Anyway, sorry for not making anything but the QOTD posts, not answering email, and almost not reading anyone else’s blog postings for days. I haven’t been doing much except work, a little food, watching a couple crappy movies on-line with Barb (Breasts, A Boy and His Dog, and Darwin Awards), and partaking in liberal amounts of Dr. Joe’s Cure for Everything as needed.

Things will probably still be pretty busy for the rest of the week before I get through this crunch period.

Thanks for your patience.


4 thoughts on “Running on empty

  1. You actually watched “A Boy and His Dog” all the way through?! You should have asked first and saved yourself the time for something more fun. That has to be the worst movie ever made (including some my fellow students made in film class in college). And I hope these comments don’t make people go out and watch just to see how bad. Just trust me, its worse than you can imagine.

  2. Worse than Waterworld? That holds the title for the two hours of my life that were the greatest waste of time (with Geraldo Rivera’s “Al Capone’s Vault” special still a close second).

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