Aliens or replicators?

You just have to wonder what they want a Saiga 12 gauge for. Is it Aliens? Or maybe a Predator? My bet is it’s for replicators. A shotgun worked quite well on those bugs.

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4 thoughts on “Aliens or replicators?

  1. Nothing to see here, hell that could have been me when I worked at Goddard… just some joe random employee doing a little web surfing…


  2. Why is a NASA employee looking at your gun pron? Because he likes it.

    In the movie “Evolution” the community college volleyball coach racks a shotgun slide before going to hunt a winged dragon in a shopping mall, and makes a comment that seems apt here: “Just because I’m a teacher doesn’t mean I’m a pussy.”

    As a nerd who has worked for the .gov before, I insist that the same applies to government researchers and NASA rocket scientists, maybe especially to rocket scientists. Because while sometimes a banana is just a banana, a rocket is something Freud never even saw.

  3. Yes, of course. I just thought it funny to give it a little different twist.

    My son and I watch a lot of science fiction and had talked about the shotgun use on the replicators a fair amount.

  4. NASA + Saiga 12 + “Porn”

    I’m trying to envision a single scenario where they all fit together (like some grocery store clerks do, making comments on the things I buy. They come up with the darndest things. Last night was the one time I was hoping for one of them to do it– I bought 80 pounds of sodium chloride, a box of Trojans, and nothing else. Alas, they had nothing to say).

    Further musing: It would be cool to have a person in orbit figure out the correct firing angle [what, opposite the direction of the orbiter?] then pop off several shotgun shells, creating an artificial meteor shower. I’d pay to see that.

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