I was going to ask for these

Peter showed these to me on his camera a few seconds after I pulled the trigger that initiated the explosion. All the other pictures I have seen missed a lot of the fireball because the fireball left the top of the frame so quickly. Peter captured it with this sequence. Probably 20 seconds prior Peter asked if we were too close. In response I asked, “You are wearing sunscreen, right?” As I knew from experience four gallons of gas being burned in the space of a couple seconds it was going to be very warm for the observers.

Here is my favorite of the sequence:

For scale notice the sticks, some of them on fire, some falling from the sky and others attempting to achieve orbit. Those are all 18 inches long.

That was a fireball. Not some wimpy fire spread around on the grass like some years. This was a true fireball. As Ben said, “The morning fireball was amazing. A-MAZE-ING.” Thanks Ry.

Thanks to Peter for sharing.

Thanks to David at Random Nuclear Strikes for finding Peter’s pictures.


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