Ry says they don’t have handles and gives this page as reference. However informative and useful the reference I beg to differ with the claim they don’t have handles. Even most Manx have a little something that can be used as the rear handle and the scruff of the neck works well for the second handle. This presumes of course you have heavy leather gloves to prevent the slitting of the wrist of the hand utilizing this handle.

I have successfully accomplished the task with only minor wounds and scars that, after 15 years, only barely show. The biggest problems were the two girls, ages four and six I think, that were climbing on my back and screaming, “Daddy’s trying to drown the kitty!!” Once Barb dragged them off of me things went pretty smooth–all things considered.


2 thoughts on “Handles

  1. If I had kids and they yelled that, they would be right. The times that I have bathed a cat, I’ve found that dunking thier nose under the water for about 4 seconds (not long enough to put them in real danger, but long enough to send the message) tends to take all the fight right out of them. They still cry and mew, but they stop trying to scratch.

    That’s right — I’m guilty of kitty-waterboarding.

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