A piece of Boomershoot history

I was reloading some ammo yesterday and noticed this on the shelf:

This is left over from one of the tests I did in September of 1998 when I was first trying to come up with a mix that would go boom from rifle fire. It was a mix of potassium chlorate, ammonium nitrate, and diesel. I had gotten a couple successful detonations but then wanted to try adding a lot more diesel. There were three reasons for this:

  1. A slurry would be easier to put in the pop cans
  2. Excess fuel should produce a fireball (HAH! It was over three years later before Ry and I had our first success with fireballs)
  3. Fewer measurements means less time spent making the targets

It didn’t work. Even though I nailed the pop can from only 100 yards away with my 30.06 all that happened was the back of the can blew out. To this day excess liquid of any type we have tried is bad news to the sensitivity of the mix.