Scott Amos–Eagle Scout

My nephew, Scott Amos, became an Eagle Scout today. We just got back from the ceremony. His name was engraved on a plaque that is kept in the local church. His was the 13th name on the plaque. The first one had the date of 1983. There have been just 13 Eagle Scouts in the town of Potlatch Idaho in the last 23 years.

I was surprised at how big a deal it was. The mayor was there, a city councilman, and our State Representative, Shirley Ringo. He got letters of congratulation from our U.S. Representative Butch Otter, our U.S. Senator Larry Craig, our Governor Jim Risch, Vice President Dick Cheney, and President George Bush.

Congratulations to Scott for acceptance into such an elite group.

Xenia took lots of pictures and I expect I’ll be getting one to put up with this post later today.


One thought on “Scott Amos–Eagle Scout

  1. Congrats to both Scott and to you as his uncle. I’ve learned two things over and over in the twenty-one years since my Eagle court of honor:

    a) there are more fellow Eagles out there than one might think, and they’re always willing to give a hand to a fellow Eagle Scout;

    b) “outsiders” often are more impressed to meet an Eagle than fellow Eagles.

    In either case, I suspect he will find that being an Eagle pays lots of dividends over time in both employment and social situations. I’ve found this to be the case even in the ultra-lefty SF Bay Area.

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