Summer Boomershoots


Those of you that have requested more frequent Boomershoots don’t know what you are asking for. It was 104F there today.

I went out to the Boomershoot site to inventory and organize a few things then fix the broken table we use for making reactive targets that sometimes fell down when we’re using it. For some reason my helpers seem uncomfortable with a hundred pounds of explosives falling to the ground all around them. I can’t imagine why.

Anyway, I arrived by about 8:45 AM and it was already warm. The Taj Mahal was buzzing with wasps and I threw out between five and ten nests and killed a half dozen or so individual wasps. I got stung by a wasp I never did see. I did all my inventory and organizational chores as the temperature kept rising. It was really hot and there wasn’t even the hint of a breeze. I was dripping wet with sweat even though I was working in the shade. I left about 10:45 and when I arrived at my parents house two miles away it was 99F. By 13:30 it had risen to 104F.

Doug and I went back out about 15:30 after the temperature had dropped back down to 99F. We fixed the table and scoped out the possibility of putting in a culvert to get better access during our wet springs. After the last trip through the creek this spring Scott said he would need a snorkel if he had to go through again. And the year before that Ry got his van stuck there (as well as in the middle of the field).

No matter how great the ballistics would be on a day like today you don’t want to lay out in the middle of dry hay field when it’s over 100F and the wasps are stinging you. You really, really don’t.


2 thoughts on “Summer Boomershoots

  1. Been driving back and forth from Portland, but been able to do it at night makes for less traffic and cooler temps, (plus starting a drive at sunset and driving until sunrise is just fun to do).

    Anyway, headed back towards Pullman soon and might have access to some different size culverts and a pickup to haul them. They are all used but tell me what size you might like for that spot at the Boomershoot site and I’ll see what I can do.

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