Boomershoot and survivalists

Boomershoot 2006 just got a mention on Survival Blog.  There weren’t any permalinks that I could find so it’s on the main page for now and probably will go into the December Archives at the beginning of next month.  This blog is written by James Wesley, Rawles.  Rawles wrote an interesting book that is a cult classic in survivalist circles.  It has gone through numerous versions and titles.  Currently it’s called Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse.  Starting in about 1998 (I think it was in the version called “TEOTWAWKI” (The End Of The World As We Know It) Rawles gave credit to me under the name, which he chose, “Huff the dynamite shooter” for comments I made on previous versions.  I couldn’t see that he used any of my suggestions but it was nice that he made mention of my input.

The novel takes place just a few miles from where I currently live near Moscow Idaho.  It’s an interesting read even if there are some errors and oversights that I find distracting.