Phone interview

I had a phone interview this morning with a software company.  It seemed to go very well.  My skills in the area they need help with are a bit rusty but I know I could do the job.  They said they are having trouble finding qualified people so my guess is that I’m in the running for at least a little while.  I probably won’t hear back from them for at least a week and then from there even if things went perfectly it would be at least several more weeks before I could actually start work. 

Xenia, Xenia’s John, and James were really excited about the job possibility and not just that it’s a job but because what I would be doing in this job (details after it is decided one way or the other).  Barb is less enthusiastic because it is out of state.  I share Barb’s concern on that issue but it is the number one company I would like to develop software for.  That makes up for a lot.