Termination report delayed

I was going to release my report on the investigation which lead to my recent termination at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) but a friend suggested it might be to my advantage to wait.  They had some very good points so I am holding off for a while.  Also the report isn’t really complete without my personnel file.  I have requested that and will include it before I release the report.  All of you who have the URL to the current report please continue to keep it private, hold off on the letters to your congress critters, the press releases, etc.  The end result will be better for everyone if things are done correctly.  That will take some more time.  How much time is an interesting question…

It turns out although it’s been two weeks since I was terminated they still haven’t sent my personal belongings from my old office.  One has to wonder what the reason for that is.  Is it because it just isn’t very high on their list of priorities?  They are very short on office space so it’s not like they don’t have at least some motivation to clear it out.  One amusing possibility which crossed my mind is that they fear it is booby-trapped (it’s not–or at least not that I know of).  The only thing I really want out of there right away is my Boomershoot hat and even that isn’t that big of a deal.

Another thing I requested in my letter to PNNL was a copy of the policy and procedures manual.  Someone recently paraphrased Ayn Rand’s famous quote and told me they viewed PNNL’s policies in the same light–something to be enforced as desired to crack down on people they wanted to get rid of.  I don’t remember it being quite that bad although I remember discussing things with others that just didn’t make sense, things that you couldn’t really avoid doing if you wanted to do your job in an effective manner.  I’ll have to wait and see if they will even send it to me.  It is my understanding they are required to send me my personnel file but I’m not so sure about the policies and procedures manual.  And in any case there may not be any requirement on how long they wait before they send anything to me.  If my personal belongings are any indication it could be weeks.


4 thoughts on “Termination report delayed

  1. You might want to remind them that you would certainly get a copy of it as part of the discovery process, if that is how you have to get it.

  2. [shrug] I’ll give them a few days first. If needed I think my lawyer can “inform” them of their duty in sufficiently clear language that discovery won’t be necessary. PNNL has much bigger things to worry about.

  3. Delayed posting, but nonetheless a posting… please ‘scuse my busyness…

    The news releases are written. It’s only a matter of dropping in the release dates, and firming up a few words.

    I’m also working on a page for contacts, including a listing of the appropriate people/contact emails/phones at PNNL, so they’re all easily accessible for the media.

    And then of course, there’s the concise fact sheets that’ll be added to the media kit.

    We’ll blast it out to national radio, TV, print, online media, in addition to the key activist groups. Just say when…

  4. Don’t let that trigger finger get too itchy, Miss. Thanks for the help. I’ll let you know.

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