I have virtually no interest in anything computer related right now.  Thing are unpleasant at work and I just want to escape having anything to do with computers. I actually started cleaning out the garage today.  I found my solar powered ear protection I had left in the rental car in New Mexico last month.  I called them and asked they send to me and they said they would.  But despite me asking everyone here at home no one said anything about them arriving.  I found them in a UPS plastic envelope in the recycling.  I looked up the tracking number and found they had been delivered on April 20th.

Barb and I have been spending a lot of time watching movies. Two yesterday and two today.  Nothing really good, nothing really bad.

Ry had lots of excitement last night.  Burning rubber, 60 MPH on residential streets, lots of police, and there was the car crash (hit and run) and the smoke and fire.