Do these guys have any clue?

Well, they are gun grabbers so I suppose the title question is rhetorical.  But they call themselves Freedom States Alliance but they are actively working to limit freedom.  I got an email from them that, in part, says:

As we continue to fight to end the terrorist threat posed by .50 caliber sniper rifles, we work hard to ensure that you’re kept abreast of all the latest developments in our struggle.  We are drawing a line in the sand and telling powerful special interest groups that there is no place for battlefield weapons in civilian hands.  There’s plenty that you can do to help!

This campaign has only just begun, and we’re picking up momentum.  The NRA and its friends in the gun industry declined comment because they know this is a battle that they will lose.  These guns are not your grandfather’s hunting rifles.

With so much success after such a short time, we just wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for your help.  And if you’re a supporter of the campaign, won’t you consider helping to spread the word to your friends and family?  Or make a donation at our website to help us get the message out.

We must stop .50 Caliber Terror.  It’s just common sense.

What does “Freedom States Alliance“ mean?  Could it be they deliberately left it ambiguous so both those for and against freedom would feel comfortable contributing to their cause? 

How many crimes have been committed in the U.S. in the past 30 years using a firearm that shoots the .50 BMG cartridge?  One?  Maybe two?  How many terrorist acts have been committed in the U.S. using a firearm that shoots the .50 BMG cartridge?  Zero–right?  They say, “We must stop .50 Caliber Terror.“ but what is there to stop? 

They have no common sense.  They only have their blind hatred and an alliance against freedom.


4 thoughts on “Do these guys have any clue?

  1. The only “.50 Caliber Terror” I’m aware of is the Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt that the anti-gunners are attempting to stir up amongst those that don’t know and don’t care about their gun rights.

    It’s a bit misleading to say the NRA is staying out of the .50 battle. They’ve stepped in in a big way now, and fully support the efforts of the Fifty Caliber Institute and FCSA.

    I find it interesting that these groups have an expressed deep seated fear and loathing of guns and their owners, but seem to have no compuntions in pissing us off. Does it seem wise to piss off armed people who supposedly have no self control? If they believe that regulation is the answer, then they must also believe that most gun owners will obey the regulations (these are the self-same people who will “make the streets run red with blood” if they gain the right of concealed carry, remember), If they don’t believe we’ll follow the regs, then what point is there in passing them? Very twisted logic…..

  2. Joe, I know of only two crimes — both in Colorado.

    There was the Marvin Heemeyer bulldozer rampage in Granby, Colorado last year in June. He did fire some shots from a .50 BMG, IIRC, at some propane tanks. No explosions though. I guess he missed.

    April 1995 — Albert Petrosky killed a police officer in an Alberstons parking lot during a standoff, with a .50. Over at The Firing Line ( they talk about it — say it was a LAR Grizzly, and claim he didn’t fire it. I have a friend who says from the wound reports he read (or heard firsthand about?) it had to have been the .50. He’s not prone to blithering about things, so I’m pretty comfortable saying Petrosky shot a cop with a .50, but no, I can’t say for certain.

    That TFL thread is discussing the VPC’s “50 Cal crime” claims, which include an armed robbery. I said “two” above, because I live in Colorado, so I saw the news coverage of both.

    BTW, as long as I’m writing, VPC says they’ll be on 60 Minutes on Sunday, the 29th. It’s a rebroadcast — so I’m guessing it’s the one that has both Tom Diaz and Ronnie Barrett.

  3. Yeah. These things aren’t terrorist weapons. That’s why terrorist groups like the IRA, Al Qaeda, and various western european groups made an effort to smuggle large numbers of them out of America courtesy of our country’s lax gun laws.

    But thanks for signing up for our mailing list Mr. Huffman! We appreciate the support.

  4. Terrorist groups use cars and trucks in their activites far more often than .50 BMG rifles. Before anyone tries to restrict access they need to answer just one question:

    Answer that and then we can talk about what, if anything, should or can be done with regards to .50 caliber rifles.

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