Required reading for bloggers

Read some of this.  After a meeting with my supervisor and others this afternoon I’m deleting some posts of mine.  That may not be the end of it either.  My push the envelope policy has it’s hazards.


2 thoughts on “Required reading for bloggers

  1. That is exactly why I do not mention anything related to work. Plus who really cares what I do for a living…

  2. When firearms/explosives are your hobbies, you could say nothing about your day-work and still have your recreational activities used against you by your employer.

    I know someone who has been involved with firearms/explosives for recreational fun. Though the person _never_ mentioned anything related to work (in association w/ their hobbies), this person’s employer used the individual’s recreational activities/non-mainstream viewpoints against the employee. They did this by fetching this person’s firearms/explosives work from the net.

    Again, this person was just like you, Kirk. This person said _nothing_ related to work.

    Though there have been some improvements over the past years (i.e., NBC TV’s Boomershoot feature last week), overall, Second Amendment supporters, atheists, gays/people with non-mainstream lifestyles, etc. are still considered to be. . . unacceptable.

    Sad state of affairs in the year 2005.

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