KING 5 Evening Magazine video is available online.

Jason recorded it and put it up for us.  It’s wonderful.  It’s only four and a half minutes but it is great.  It’s also enlightenting to see how professional video people deal with a subject with which I have often tried to capture on video and repeatedly failed to produce something interesting.


8 thoughts on “KING 5 Evening Magazine video is available online.

  1. All of my options fell through – I’m so glad Jason caught this when it aired, or I’d be toast. There was a cable outage at Building 50 and all we got was static.

    All the videos are great – why doesn’t Jason have a blog?

  2. Maybe just trying to “get into character” for explosive fun and could only think of construction work and hard hats. Just a guess. He wasn’t even there.

    Did you notice your John was shown?

  3. John Curley was probably wearing a hard hat because it looked like he was in a Crowley Marine work area, based on the tugboat behind him. It’s probably a hardhat area.

  4. Congrats to Joe, Stephanie, Rolf, Ry, and all the Boomershoot crew. That’s a wonderfully positive portrayal of your wonderful, positive event.

    I wouldn’t have dared hoped for anything so consistently upbeat. Even from Evening Magazine.

    This feeds Joe’s tide-has-turned meme. That’s so cool.

  5. since I can’t comment over there, let me ask…

    when do you get an rss feed?

    when do you get a commenting engine?



  6. Super swell story. Thanks to the diverse crowd of people who were comfortable enough to appear on camera, shooting/detonating explosives.

    Gosh, when everyday people such as a teachers, physical therapists, doctors, programmers, scientists, reporters, photojournalists, etc. partake in the pleasures of guns n’ explosives… I wouldn’t be surprised if next year, Hollywood science fiction director ( Michael Moore shows up to fire some rounds on the Boomershoot range.

    Nor would I be surprised if, next year at Boomershoot, Henry Boitel (, gun-fearing NYC lawyer/ porn assistant ( appears to join in the good clean fun of pyrotechnics and guns.

    Guns — and the responsible, professional, polite, safety-sensitive people who use them — have become so mainstream and acceptable, anything is possible.

    (Especially being that, as KING 5 NBC News pointed out [], Boomershoot is even safer than bowling.)

    Thanks again to NBC TV for shedding a positive light on gun/pyrotechnic enthusiasts.

    Gracias to Jason for the snappy video postings. Those will come in handy for attracting more media coverage at future Boomershoots.

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