Small plane enters no-fly zone around D.C.

It’s all over the news.  But what I’m thinking that none of the reports I have read mentioned is that whether it was an accidental or deliberate intrusion, this little “exercise“ gives our enemies a view of evacuation pathes and emergency responses.  Government leaders may be more vulnerable while responding to a real or imagined threat from the air when the real and greater threat could be from the ground.  I’m not sure I would want to be in the “main herd” during such an evacuation.


One thought on “Small plane enters no-fly zone around D.C.

  1. Exactly my thoughts Joe. This technique was used in one of the infamous school shootings in ’99. Scare them out of the building and pick them off while they are running.

    I also don’t know why they didn’t just shoot it down if it was seen as a big enough threat to evacuate everyone.


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