Kim is on her way home from Seattle

Hi Dad. The pass was bare and dry.  No problems at all.  I got a late start but I would have been stuck in traffic if I had left earlier anyway.  I was wondering… Does I-90 turn into highway 36?  Or is it 26?

Groan.  I-90 goes until it turns into Chicago.  And she needs to turn off I-90 at Vantage to get on highway 26.  She accepts my correction gracefully and goes on:

Is Wenatchee between home and the Tri-Cities?  Because I saw a sign and wondered if that would be a quicker way to get home.

Wenatchee is way north of where she wants to go.  I reply, “No, that is Washtucna you are thinking of.“

Oh, that’s right.  Okay.  Well, I’m doing just fine.  Love you Daddy.  Bye.

I’m over a 1000 miles away from my namesake (Kimberly Joe versus Joseph Kim), who has no concept of impending doom, and now I’m supposed to sleep?  At least we have two kids in reserve who probably will live to see their 25th birthdays.