I should just go to bed

I worked late to get in a few extra hours and when I left work at 20:00, I could only count seven cars in the entire parking lot (probably 500 or so workers use the lot each day).  I was thinking how different “government work“ is from when I worked at Microsoft.  There I would see the lot a quarter full at midnight and probably 10% full at 2:00 AM.  When I got in the rental car (the van is at the repair shop) I discovered the power locks didn’t work.  Odd… maybe I need to have the key on.  Nope.  The engine needs to be started?  The engine won’t start–the battery was dead.  Stupid me.  I had left the headlights on.  What are my chances of finding one of those seven car owners someplace in the 500 offices and has jumper cables?  Not good.  Probably some of those cars were left there overnight with the owners on travel or otherwise not within miles of the parking lot.  I called Jason’s cell phone.  Jason lives about 15 minutes away.  It immediately went to voice mail.  I checked for his home phone number and realize I don’t have it on my cell phone.  I go back to my office and look it up.  Jason was far more cheerful than I have any right to deserve.  It’s probably a good thing Jason answered rather than his wife Jennifer.  Jennifer is home all day with four small kids and I’m sure she values adult company and Jason’s help with the kids.  I’m stealing him away from her.

Jason showed up, gave my rental car a jump, and I drove back to the house.  I should just go to bed before something else goes wrong today.