I’m going to the range in Albuquerque

Email and a followup call result in a “date” to go to the range near where I will be staying in Albuquerque.  It goes out to 600 meters so I’ll take my boomershoot rifle.  I am told to expect it to be hot, dry, dusty, and lots of sand.  I’ll need to pack my sunscreen.


3 thoughts on “I’m going to the range in Albuquerque

  1. I can only wonder who invited you to shoot in Albuquerque… (My guess would be Ben since he lives there…)


  2. You could do more than wonder. You could ask Ben or me.

    I was tempted to wait for you to actually ask, but decided to go ahead and tell you–yes, it was Ben.

  3. The name is Bill and you are completely welcome. Our town is your town.

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