Weekend summary

Friday night the Sunday Boomershoot Adventure got canceled so I didn’t have to do any prep for it.  After bring Xenia home from her disaster first day at work.  Barb and I went for a walk and looked for a geocache.  We couldn’t find it.  We seem to suck at finding the cache once we get to the spot where it is supposed to be.  We went to the range where I had hidden a geocache ages ago but disabled it after the range put up no trespassing signs.  I moved it to another location but somewhere I dropped my cell phone.  I retraced my steps at the range.  We retraced our steps on our walk to the first supposed geocache.  We couldn’t find it.  We decided the range was the most likely place for it to be and planned to return the next morning when the light would be better and we had another cell phone to call my phone with.  Great day… can’t find the geocache and I loose my cell phone.

On Sunday Barb took Xenia to work then we head out to the range to look for my phone.  The Lewiston Pistol Club is putting on an IPSC match and we try to hurry before they start shooting and make it difficult to hear my phone ring.  I retrace my steps and Barb keeps calling it as she walks along behind.  She hears it ring and points in the general direction.  I find it and after talking to a couple guys we leave.  Things are looking up some.  At least I have my cell phone back.

Xenia calls about 15:00 and is done with work.  She made it through a complete day of work but just barely.  After eating some food at home she quickly improves.

I updated all the stuff I have been putting off on the Lewiston Pistol Club website.  Stuff going back to February.

James and Kim came over for dinner.  Kim brought her friend Jessica.  K & J forget about the time change for Daylight Savings time.  James is starved the rest of us are very hungry by the time we eat.  Barb has cooked corned beef and it’s great.  Kim isn’t feeling well.  She has a sore throat.  Barb asks me to look at it.  I tell her to look at it, she’s the medical person.  “You have the flashlight she replies.”  True.  I whip it off my belt and shine it at Kim’s mouth from almost the entire length of the table.  She opens her mouth and I groan.  “You need to go to the doctor.”  Barb looks and says, “I thought so!  You have strep throat.”  Everyone looks at Kim’s swollen and ground meat appearing throat.  We go back to eating our dinner.  Kim doesn’t want to see the doctor.  We give her cash and tell her to see Quick Care first thing in the morning.  She reluctantly agreed.

James told us about his classes–98% on his differential equations test.  105% on his analysis of algorithms test.  He had proved the answer on one problem when the prof had only asked for an explanation.  The prof was impressed and gave him another 5 points.  He watched Sin City Saturday night and said it was really good.  Didn’t think Barb would like it though.  To violent.  I’ll probably try and watch it in Richland when Barb isn’t around.  He borrowed our vehicle and went grocery shopping.

After watching Cold Case I check out the comments to my blog and decide I’ve had enough of Henry.  He persists in bring up opinions as if they were facts.  His facts he does bring to the discussion are irrelevant (So what if there are N injuries and deaths due to gunshot wounds per year?  How many were praiseworthy shootings and how many were criminal?).  He refuses to answer my one question telling me “It’s a setup.”  So after debating him for something like two years I decide I’m done.  My patience has run out.  I tell him to go away.  There.  Done with Henry.  I have more important things to do like save the world.  Henry is just an insignificant anti-freedom bigot.


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  1. I am surprised by your patience with Henry and his antics. I mean…years?…I can’t say I would have debated him for the same amount of time. Good on you! This country seems to be self absorbed in this “…lets make more rules and laws…” idealism as if it was going to solve all of our crime problems. You were right on with your analogy the other night. A person bent on destroying another person is going to use whatever is around them and isn’t going to care one bit how the law looks at his or her actions. By that point…they don’t care about rules! But to say that guns are the leading cause of these actions…? You know, I a gun safe in my house. Everytime I unlock it and open it up, my guns are right where I left them…they haven’t moved…they don’t jump out at me and take over my house and go on wild killing sprees…a person has to do these kinds of acts. Are we going to say that if that deranged person wouldn’t have had his car to commit that crime it wouldn’t have happened? Or if he hadn’t had legs he couldn’t have done the things he did? My point is this…a gun is but a fraction of a whole act…you take the gun away and the problem is still there…they WILL find another way to commit the crime…but the means for the victim to defend themselves has just been removed. Henry, I wrote this in support of Joe, and to let you know I share his point of view. Peel that crazy glue off your eyelids and open them up to see the big picture.

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