Xenia’s first day at work

Disaster.  I’ve checked on her a couple times since she came home.  She barely talks and looks terrible.  We’re going to watch Paint Your Wagon together now.


2 thoughts on “Xenia’s first day at work

  1. Tell Xenia not to worry – I’ve been working now for over 35 years, and I STILL feel that way about going to my job sometimes. I think I’m allergic to work perhaps….

    And don’t worry too awful much about the lousy first impression. I landed a dream summer job during college with a great engineering firm. I was hired to be a civil engineering assistant. What happened on my first scheduled day of work? I’d been pitching hay bales on the Sunday before, and my back was so cramped up I could barely move. I called in sick on my first day?

    They were absolutely understanding – and I ended up working every summer for the next three years, during vacation, and full time for a few months after I graduated with my geology degree, until I could find an actual geology job.

    It’ll be okay…. trust me.

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