Update from the farm

I got an email from Doug, one of my brothers on the farm.  He had some rather surprising news.  He’s now teaching math at the high school.  I’m sure the extra income is welcome but there were other reasons he took the job…

The big news around here is that I am now teaching algebra I, algebra II, pre calc and calculus at the high school. The teacher had a baby in February, they went through 8 substitutes and couldn’t find anyone who could/or would teach. After the last one quit, I called the teacher, she talked with Jerry Nelson and the next morning, I was teaching. The teacher returns May 9, I have taught one week, I am off for spring break now, but I have five more weeks to go.

It is very stressful, but also very interesting. Certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity. I am teaching in Farley’s old room, I have Lisa in precalculus and Amy in calculus. 92 students, 5 classes, I kicked two kids out of algebra I the first day.

Amy and Lisa are his daughters.  Jerry Nelson is the principal.and was a classmate of Barb and I.  Farley was a teacher when Doug and I went to school there.  Doug has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and in Electrical Engineering.  I’m sure the math comes easy for him but teaching it and dealing with all the kids has got to be, as he put it, “very interesting”.  I’ve considered teaching at various points in my life but had the opportunity come up I’m not sure I would have accepted a full load with one day’s notice to start work.  Doug has done some pretty gutsy things in his life though. So I guess this shouldn’t be too surprising.