Boomershoot target distribution

I woke up at 2:00 this morning and after laying around for a long time grabbed the laptop computer and started working the hit probabilities and the target distribution.

See this picture to help visual the layout.  The large green tree on the left at the 380 yard line has been removed.

I plan on putting 210 4-inch and 40 6-inch targets at the 380 yard line.  From 575 to about 675 yards there will 120 4-inch, 280 6-inch, and 60 7-inch targets. At 700 yards there will be 10 7-inch targets.  There probably will also be a few 7-inch targets at 380 yards “roped off“ for the press and special guests.

This doesn’t include the clinic targets.  Current plans are for 80 4-inch and 40 6-inch targets to be used in the clinics.

Including the press that is about 850 targets.  The total amount of explosives will be about 830 pounds.  I had originally thought there would be over 1000 pounds of explosives but measurements on the new mix indicate the density is lower even though it is more powerful per unit volume than previous mixes.


9 thoughts on “Boomershoot target distribution

  1. Yeah, the number of targets keeps getting larger. The very first Boomershoot only had about 65 targets. For a few years we would use more explosives than all the previous years combined. That couldn’t last forever though. Even though we are expanding capacity the rate at which we expand capacity is decreasing.

  2. I cannot imagine the time and effort it takes to pull one of your events off. We are just going to use a fraction of that amount in our shoot in the fall and we are already being task saturated certain days. Best of luck to you Joe on your event. Sounds like I am going to have to plan a trip to one. Sorry to hear about Ry leaving but it sounds like things are working in his favor.

  3. We have improved tools and techniques such that the amount of labor per target has decreased dramatically over the years. I have some new things just this year should improve things yet again. Plus I get almost overwhelmed with volunteers. Lots of people offer to help and that makes a huge difference.

    I started out small and each time tried something new and dropped the stuff that didn’t work out as well as we had hoped. This will be the 9th event I have put on. You learn a thing or two in the process.

  4. Well, tomarrow I am going to try my hand at a 400 yd shot(again). Been working my up to it with this fairly new gun(new in my hands anyway). I can’t seem to get past that 300yd mark. I hope the weather is good. I have resisted the urge to play with the load in each round. I have to keep reminding myself that the loads are consistant and it is operator error causing my missed shots. I am new at long range precision shooting but I am hooked. There is no other feeling like seeing that target detonate at 300 yds. I can’t keep the myself relaxed enough and I can see my pulse movements in the scope. In your opinion is 400 yrds out of the realistic limits of the 22-250? (40 gr of Win 748 powder w/ Nosler 40gr balistic tip bullet)

  5. I’ve had people with a 22-250 connect with boomers out to 550 yards. But it would seem to me that bullet is too light. The minimum I shoot in my .223 is 50 grain and I figure that is a little on the light side. Any idea what the muzzle velocity and B.C. are? Get an exterior ballistics program (this one is free: and see what your velocity and wind drift are at that range. My guess is that you are about to go subsonic and that transistion can cause instability and loss of accuracy.

  6. Well the chrono 15 feet from muzzle is 3800 fps. The download would not work on my computer so I am going to get a different BC software package. Went out to the range today without any luck again. Slow paced myself so I wouldn’t rush the shot. 18 rounds over 2 hrs. The wind wasn’t helping out much as well. Had a steady down range wind that was cutting across the range from left to right and that was the side I kept impacting. I have the drop just about perfect. Alittle more practice. Once I have the stock pile of 40gr used up I will probably switch to the 60 gr hornady. Give me a little more weight to fight the wind. Then it’s back to the range again (darn).

  7. Assuming sea level type conditions I come up with a MV of 3825 fps. At 600 yards you are still doing fine with a velocity of 1392 fps. The wind drift is about 55.5 inches for a 10 MPH wind. Pretty nasty. With the 60 grain Hornady V-MAX bullet at 3500 fps at the muzzle you get 1500 fps with 48 inches of drift at 600 yards.

    I prefer my .300 Win Mag for anything past 300 yards. Under those same conditions using a 210 grain Berger VLD with a MV of 2915 fps I get a velocity of 2073 fps with wind drift of 20 inches.

  8. Wow…that just makes it a game of luck to connect with the target at my skill level. I am still learning my judgements of measurement and how to take certain distances as mental benchmarks. Boy that sounded right out of a book didn’t it. When you sit on the range and see just how far each marker is, I find myself having a new found respect for those who can make consistant 600-1000 yd shots. Thanks for the very valuable info. I will use it wisely.

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