I wonder if the VPC has taken note of Boomershoot

The Violence Policy Center is probably the most anti-gun organization in this country.  I notice they have a page devoted to explosives.


4 thoughts on “I wonder if the VPC has taken note of Boomershoot

  1. As with any mis-guided army, I am sure their scouts have come across the boomershoot web site. You can bet that they are talking about it. They might go as far as stageing a demostration at your next shoot. Just rambling here…speculation. Don’t waste your time trying to figure out those one track minded people who think guns are more dangerous than that car they are driving. The stas speak for them selves. I am sure that they are just going nuts with the latest shooting at the school in Mo. The question I haven’t been able to get an answer for is this…”do the anti-gun nuts really think that people who commit crimes with guns give a darn about all your rules and regulations?” They don’t seem to understand that the only ones that will be hurt by the “laws” they impose are the citizens trying to defend themselves. Anyway…just the thoughts of a Mississippi mud rat. You know this already but you have a ton of supporters here in Mississippi.

  2. Actually I didn’t know I had any supporters in Mississipi let alone a ton. Very cool. 🙂

    The answer to your question is, “If it saves just one life it will be worth it.” Of course they will ignore that “it” may cost 30 lives. But at least they tried, right?

    I find it very interesting the VPC has all those links up about government regulation of explosives but hasn’t said a thing about them.

    If they show up to “demonstrate” they will be rather surprised. Who are they going to demonstrate to? Who is going to care?

    As long as they don’t actually interfere with the event demonstrations will be ignored. They can’t interfere without trespassing and hence any interference will be short lived–the Sheriff will escort them off our property. If they show up and are reasonable we’ll let the shoot a few rounds and have some fun with the rest of us.

  3. I have told alot of guys about your site and the events you hold and we would like to do something like that here. We are getting all of the things we can think of together to pull one off in the fall. We have secured a location but because none of us have a storage shelter (or the permit for one yet) we are going to have to mix the targets that day. Our first shoot is going to be small…just a handfull of local friends. We have told the local sheriff about the idea and he said some of the deputies would be interested. I want as few people mixing targets as possible. To tell the truth I find I am very nervous when someone else is near me when I mix. I don’t what them to make a silly mistake. So for that reason I don’t know how many targets I will be able to make in one morning. I have found the nitro mix to be the one that best suits our needs. 631 if I recall right…I need my notes to be sure. Have you done any research on zirconium hydride mixed with al powder as a catalyst? I have been reading about its use in pyrotecnics. Might be a different path to try. Reason I suggest this is before I mixed my own targets, I purchased some tannerite. The catalyst for that mix is zirconium hydride based. You can tell it is mixed with a powdered metal. Anyway have a good day.

  4. I briefly considered trying zirconium hydride and Al but it was too expensive. What we currently use is much cheaper. I’ll be getting a case of Tannerite soon to compare our mix with to see if it has some advantages.

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