We just want a mind reading machine

Looking over the requests for proposals from TSWG today I ran across this one:

R2016 Rapid Threat Assessment Screening

Develop a capability for the rapid, real-time threat assessment of an individual’s potential terrorist threat at ports of entry or other sensitive entrance areas. This proposed system must integrate physiological signals with biometric information. Preferred procedures are real-time and rely on non-invasive measures and on proven psychophysiological indices and psychometrically sound criteria. System performance must balance the risks associated with the threat environment. The capability must provide for the processing of large numbers of individuals at airports, embassies, border crossings, or other ports of entry where the base rate of intent to do harm is very small. The pre-screening device must be be portable and easily operable for use prior to a more in-depth interrogation.

Very cool if it is actually possible, some parents would love to have it for dealing with their teen-agers, and George Orwell could have used it in one of his novels.