Boomershoot reactive target prep

The most labor intensive portions of Boomershoot is the building of the reactive targets.  Each year we learn more and improve things for the next year.  One of the things that has been a pain has been the pouring of “Fuel 0“ into a small measuring cup.  A couple weeks ago I spotted this the store (click for a bigger picture):

I picked one up at the store today along with the little stand which it is setting on.  This will allow us to dispense the fuel easier, cleaner, and faster than before.

A few days ago I purchased 50 pounds of “Fuel 2”.  I only expect to use about 35 pounds but it was cheaper to buy 50 pounds than to buy 40 pounds (so I make sure I don’t run out) in the next size smaller package.  It came in a paper sack which I was certain would draw moisture and fall apart during storage.  I bought the plastic containers pictured below, transferred it into the containers, and managed to clean up the kitchen (it’s rather messy stuff) before Barb got home (click on the picture for a larger view).

I’ve got my eye on some more kitchen appliances to speed some other aspects of the process up from last year.  Boomershoot 2005, over 600 targets, over 1000 pounds of high explosives.  It should be a snap this year.