Kim’s in Nevada now

“No one said to take the San Francisco exit on 80.  They just said follow 80.”

Kim is not happy.


6 thoughts on “Kim’s in Nevada now

  1. So, is Kim, like, a directional dumbass or something? Has she no navigational sense? I read your earlier entry about remotely navigating her to her Auntie’s house and about cracked up….

  2. She doesn’t have a good sense of direction. She can read a map just fine but doesn’t stop to examine the map unless she absolutely certain she is lost.

    She does however share a significant number of genes with someone (who shall remain nameless) who once said, “Your left is on your right when you are going west.”

  3. I’ll say it’s fairly easy to get mis-directed in Sactown. The signage is confusing. For me it would be easier since I know Reno is the wrong way – I like to think she would have figured that out earlier in the trip. 80 miles of going up hill and no signs saying “San Francisco 20 miles” should have been clues.

  4. Hmm. Now that I think of it, I’ve had to vector my wife in on locations via cell phone and MapPoint myself. Fairly recently too. And she can’t figure out how to run a GPS either.

    I rescind my prior, snarky comment! 🙂

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