Kim gets directions to Kayla’s house

Last night after Kim went to bed I continued to work on her navigation problem.  I started guessing alternate street names and got a hit in a city just outside of Santa Cruz.  The street Kim was to take as an exit off of highway 17 was close by so everything matched.  Kim apparently misunderstood the street name.  She had one letter wrong.  I sent her a message on her cell phone to call me before she left.  She called me a few minutes ago and I gave her the MapPoint directions which avoid I-80/880 through San Francisco which Kayla had given her and instead routed her south on I-5/205/580/880 to highway 17.  We also discussed how she should leave the GPS unit on to enable back tracking should she need that and finally I gave her the lat/long of Kayla’s house.  I think I have prepared her as best I can now.


3 thoughts on “Kim gets directions to Kayla’s house

  1. Better yet, avoid 880 altogether. 880 == 666 == EVIL. Use 680 through Pleasanton, Fremont, Milpitas, and San Jose, where it turns into 280 ( The World’s Most Beautiful Freeway ) for a bit before you exit onto 17 ( formerly The World’s Most Perilous Commuter Route, a distinction that now belongs to Route Irish ).

    To late for this trip, but if you’re ever headed to the South Bay again…

  2. TOO late for this trip, but if you’re ever headed to the South Bay again…

    Bonehead grammar error #1 for 3/9/2005.

  3. 880 is really quite nice, now. Certainly 680 to 280 to 17 is scenic, but the road is also in worse shape – more narrow and older.

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