The New York Times gets it wrong

Yeah, I know, so what else is new?

They report on the bill before the U.S. Senate to protect the gun industry from junk lawsuits.  They claim:

 In September, the families of victims in the sniper shootings in the Washington area won a $2.5 million settlement from the dealer who supplied the snipers’ assault rifle.

Being generous to the reporter and editors, they are misleading when they say this.  The gun was stolen from the dealer by the two criminals.  Do they claim a bank that gets robbed provided money for the criminal to buy illegal drugs?

To give them credit where they deserve it, they did quote a spokesman for one of my Senators:

A spokesman for Senator Larry E. Craig, an Idaho Republican who sponsored the bill, said the lawsuits were inappropriate.

The suits “attempt to achieve gun control through judicial rather than the legislative means,” said the spokesman, Sid Smith. “If a drunk driver hits someone,” he said, “the car manufacturer is not held responsible so long as the car functioned correctly, so why should the gun industry be any different?”

Overall I give them a grade of ‘C’ on this article. In addition to the above blatant bias they only gave a few lines of coverage to the pro-freedom viewpoint and the vast majority to the anti-freedom viewpoint.