Boomershoot 2005 update

As usual, lots of entries came in this last week of February but because I expanding the shooting line so much I still have 22 more shooting positions available.  I have 38 positions taken now.  I’m also officially in the black on paper.  That doesn’t count the loan I made to Boomershoot for the new explosives magazine last year and all the chemicals I purchased last year or the new generator I bought a month ago.  But since I had purchased nearly enough materials for this years event last year my cash flow has been very good this year.  I have paid back $1650 (including interest) on the loan and paid for the generator with this years money so I’m feeling pretty good about the money situation.

Since we have all the bloggers showing up this year I had hoped to get wireless internet service onsite.  I talked to the provider yesterday and found out that there are political obstacles to that happening.  They have been working on providing service in that area for some time but aren’t quite there yet.  There are permits they have to obtain and stuff like that.  The current schedule looks like “end of the summer“.  So, maybe Boomershoot 2006 will be the first to have live blogging.

There are just under nine weeks to Boomershoot 2005.  Next Saturday Ry and I will do a full day of experiments aimed at getting the mix more sensitive.  Then we will be ready until just a few days before the event when the work really begins.


4 thoughts on “Boomershoot 2005 update

  1. Wireless on sight ehh… Heh. I will have enough knobs to turn without worrying about a laptop… I will be bringing my camera and video camera… My laptop is making the trip but we are staying at the helgeson, they have wireless so I am not too concerned about wireless at the site…

    Any thoughts on a blogger get together one night during the shoot? I think most of the bloggers are doing the clinic also???


  2. We have been talking about a group dinner for everyone on Saturday evening. Details will be announced if we get it all figured out. Nothing specific to bloggers however. We could set aside a special table for bloggers at the dinner if you want.

  3. LOL

    You might think so, but oddly enough several of them have been commenting about getting to meet in person at Boomershoot 2005.

    I’ve been thinking about putting up a local wireless network up onsite and running a server with a forum or something where people could post messages to each other or something. Maybe a few wireless cameras down range doing live audio/video feeds would be interesting too. I just worry about these guys going through withdrawl or something out there so far from their internet fix.

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