Instructor for Boomershoot Precision Rifle Clinic killed in Iraq

I just found out via Kim duToit that Adam Plumondore was killed in a car bomb explosion.  Adam and his co-worker Walter assisted Eugene Econ with the Precision Rifle Clinic last year. I had a few pictures that were taken by Ry and Michael of the Saturday night dinner during Boomershoot 2004 that I had never put up.  Some of those included pictures of Adam.  I put those up on my photo album a few minutes ago.  We all are saddened by this loss.

Update: See also this blog entry.
Update2: I found another picture and uploaded it here.


3 thoughts on “Instructor for Boomershoot Precision Rifle Clinic killed in Iraq

  1. “There was a great disturbance in the Force, like millions of voices shouting out, then only silence”

  2. The news is very sad… I only knew Walter and Adam through Kim and the donations that I made to the Walter and Adam fund.

    He will be missed.


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