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I was sort of down last week after enduring some abuse from Claire Wolfe and friends (this is almost for certain about me too).  After talking to numerous people (not even work associates, but gun owners) I’m convinced I’m right about the turning over certain parts of the boomershoot web logs to the counter intelligence guy upstairs.  I’ve been thinking about it for days and have an outline of a post on the topic in my mind.  Way, way too many other things going to start writing on it though.  Basically I am of the opinion their world view is set and not subject to new data and situations.  In their minds WW III either doesn’t affect them or doesn’t exist.

I went to the Lewiston Pistol Club IPSC match on Sunday, I sucked big time.  I think it was the worst I have done in years.  I zeroed one stage.  Did poorly on most of the others.  The classifier (El Presidente) was the only one I did reasonably well on.  I felt really ‘spacey’.  Sort of dizzy most of the day.  Barb was coming down with something and missed work Monday.  I may have become infected too.  The dizziness continues and I have a bit of a sore throat as of late Tuesday.

I conducted some explosives tests after the match.  They were the continuation of this.  Another set of disappointments.  None could be detonated with the .22LR and only the 20 and 30 mL of fuel mix detonated with the .30 Carbine.  I read some stuff in my new pyrotechnics book that gives me another idea for a fuel to try that might result in a more sensitive mix.  It will have to wait for a week or two however.  I’m much too busy with other things right now.

Stephanie has been doing a bunch of work on the Boomershoot news releases and related stuff which is really nice to have taken care of.


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  1. Joe, don’t sweat the Claire crowd.

    I love her writings, but don’t personally take things to those extremes.

    Your comment “In their minds WW III either doesn’t affect them or doesn’t exist.” is incorrect though.

    Those types DO know all about WWIII. The difference is they are not picking sides. They are not fighting for the USA. They are mercenaries; they are fighting to protect their own asses, and couldn’t care less what happens to the rest of the country. They don’t care how many people die in places like NYC; as long as nobody bothers them and their trailer in the desert or their cabin on top of some remote mountain.

  2. This is just a guess, but I am thinking that Claire will not be attending boomershoot…

  3. She was invited and expressed a fair amount of interest. Things fell apart after that. She is still invited but I don’t know whether she will show up or not.

  4. That thread on Claire’s site did get me to thinking about the cyber trail that one leaves behind, however. I don’t necessarily fault you for alerting on suspicious search hits, but I’ve probably done some odd-looking strings of searchs as well, just spur of the moment.

    I do note, however, that if I see any vans with Federal plates parked at the Boomershoot, with occupants taking photos of people and license plates, I will be plenty pissed.

  5. I will be pissed if that happens too.

    A couple different ATF people have expressed an interest in participating but none have actually shown up. I do get various police and sheriff deputies participating and occasionally just watching the fun. See these pictures for example:


    Here is a minute or so after the deputy told his dispatcher that he was going to be unavailable for a few minutes as he did some “PR” work:


    The only complaint I have had from law enforcement is that they didn’t hear about the event soon enough so they could sign up.

    The ATF has complimented me on how well I adhere to their requirements on the magazine construction. There has never been a hint of concern over the event or who attends. I believe I would be the first to know if there was such a concern.

  6. Joe,

    when you read things like this I guess that you can maybe get a glimmer of why people on claire’s site went postal…

    Not that I agree with them as I think they are a bit off…

    I do take one thing to heart though… The government is not your friend.


  7. Interesting. From Kirk’s link:


    Agent Susan Nelson of the ATF lied to the Grand Jury and told them that “these guns weren’t on his books ‘nor did he have receipts for them”. I showed my lawyer our books where most of the guns were either marked as purchases, in for repairs or my private and personal firearms.”


    I know Susan. She has been out to the Boomershoot site with me and I have talked to her on the phone, and exchanged email with her numerous times.

    I’ll send her an email tonight about this when I get back to my home computer.

  8. Well…anyone who is silly enough to think that doing any search on the web for questionable items or motives this day and age isn’t already monitored is a fool. I agree with you Joe for releasing the info to the Feds. You have to do what is right in your opinion for you. Not for anyone else. If your information was used to hurt or injure someone and you could have done something about it but didn’t because it would have infringed on their right of privacy, how would you feel or explain your lack of action? I think this country is ate up with infringment of rights. But what happens when that right causes someone the right of life. Yes it can get out of hand…yes the feds can and have taken it too far sometimes. But I like the fact that I can send my child to school and not worry about a bomb…but yet I can buy and mix my own reactive targets for my own pleasure with no intent of harm and no fear that if someone asks what I am doing, I can tell them. I am sure that with my searches in trying to find a cheap way to clear beaver dams that I turned up an eyebrow or two…but so what. I had nothing to hide. I am very interested in the continuation of your experiments. Please keep updating. By the way…tannerite is damn expensive.

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