Still another Boomershoot blogger

Liberty News made a post mentioning Boomershoot today.  It seems I can barely keep up with all the postings.  Analog Kid again mentioned boomershoot today.  There were some others too.  I think they are all listed here now and the number of referrals should be close to up-to-date.  Claire Wolfe would be the exception, she just keeps racking up the hits on  I expect she’ll have a free entry to Boomershoot by tomorrow if she wants it.  It’s also very, very interesting to see what sections of the various people look at.  The Claire Wolfe people are interested in different things than the Kim du Toit people, who are interested in different things than the IsntAPundit people.  I can see why the people at work have a full time counter intelligence guy looking at the lab web logs.

There is a lesson in the previous paragraph for people paying attention.  Darwin awards await the people that have more balls than brains.