Another item checked off my Boomershoot list

With the latest round of entry fees I paid off $400 on the loan and bought a new generator.  The one we used last year and it’s back up both failed.  I wanted this one.  But ended up buying this one. I was so tempted to pay $200 more for 2500 fewer Watts and 70 fewer pounds.

3500 W is more than I will probably use.  I got by on 600 W from ’98 until ’03 but things have a way of expanding to consume the resources available.  A friend is working on a machine to produce the explosives without blenders and Kitchen Aid mixers.  Just dump in the raw materials on one end and then package the output from the other end.  No idea how much power it will consume–assuming it works and is safe.  Plus there are the lights.  I can power lots of lights now…