French hostages–Iraq war is about Jihad

The Jihad Watch is a wonderful resource for people trying to figure out WW III at the strategic level.  What are the goals of our adversaries?  Well, this recent post pointed me to what the recently released French hostages had to say:

Georges Malbrunot, giving details of his ordeal in the French media, said he and his colleague Christian Chesnot both feared for their lives at times.

Mr Malbrunot said his captors were driven more by Islamic holy war than Iraqi nationalism.

“One of the lessons we drew from our captivity was that we were immersed in Planet Bin Laden,” he said.

When the men were freed earlier this week, their captors said it was because of France’s anti-war stance.

But Mr Malbrunot told French television the influence of the al-Qaeda leader was especially strong while they were with “a cell of the Islamic Army in the north”.

“We were very aware of the fact that it wasn’t the Iraqi agenda that motivated our kidnappers, but the internationalist jihadist agenda.

“I think this is the real challenge for the next 10 years – the clash of cultures that these people are advocating, are seeking.”

It’s not about American imperialism.  It’s not about Israel.  It’s about converting or killing all the infidels in the entire world.