Fish Or Man court ‘appearance’

Grumble, grumble.  Newsgator got an error downloading Fish Or Man this morning without me noticing and I didn’t get his update just before I left.  He ended up not needing to go Spokane.  Barb and I did go to Spokane and sat through the processing of several people accused of domestic abuse.  Now we are at a book store which Barb enjoys so the 2 hour drive (each way) is not a complete loss.

We do have some additional information that isn’t in Fish Or Man’s report.  His lawyer filed a Notice Of Appearance before start of court this morning and the next court date on the traffic stop case is in Court Room E, Spokane District Court, for 9:00 AM, January 21st, 2005.  If you are interested in attending you can keep up to date on the status by going to this webpage and selecting Spokane District Court and cases CR0070552 and/or CR0070553.


14 thoughts on “Fish Or Man court ‘appearance’

  1. Joe…

    Would you mind sharing that additional information with us? I have done some internet research on Jason. My opinion hasn’t changed.


  2. I saw that, Ry. I think maybe Joe meant he had more than that. I’ve already been to those links.

    The research I have done compels me to believe that this young man has been courting trouble for quite some time now. Do a Google search on “Jason Hartney” or FishorMan. He seems to hate cops on general principle. As I said, my opinion of him isn’t good right now, but I AM trying to give him the benefit of doubt.

    We’ll see…

  3. Ry has it right. All the additional information I obtained was in that post.

    Thanks for the tip on doing the searches. I’ll check that out soon.

  4. Joe, sorry about the drive. I ended up taking it too… I only got the Ellensburg warrant out of the way early this AM in Pullman, so it wouldn’t be a factor in the case. But, since the warrant was canceled only hours before the hearing, my lawyer thought if I appeared they might try arresting me again. So, he did what lawyers are paid to do, keep us out of jail. I was up there at 8 am waiting in the annex cafeteria, (where we met our lawyer), till almost 9, then needed to go over to the lawyers office for paperwork. The wife and I tried to make ourselves visible, sitting on the long wooden benches near the entrance of the annex. Sorry about your long drive. I’ve just got up myself, since I never slept last night.

  5. Joe…

    I am underemployed right now *read non-working*, so I have plenty of time to delve. Check them all, and you will find Jason “found” guns a few years ago…now he wants to be the poster boy for gun rights. I hardly think so. He is a loudmouth, and hates cops. Makes me wonder why.

    I carry in my county, generally cocked, locked and loaded. The cops know I probably am, but I’m no threat. Most people have no clue as to whether I am or not. I don’t openly carry, since there is no real reason to do so. Open carry is just an invitation to disaster, even in this state.

    What is his point??? If you can carry openly, but the gun must be unloaded, why bother?

    Jason knows very little about guns, and even less about law. I have MANY guns, way the hell more than Jason will ever have, but I don’t push them in the face of the general public. That’s stupid, and so is Jason.

    The verdict will come in…

  6. Simply because there are too many, and I am lazy, Ry. Do the search as I said…I did. So can you.

    It isn’t as though there aren’t many sources. This guy has been an irritating prick for some time now. The only people I’ve found that really want to support this guy are fringe…the “let’s kill all niggers, Indians, Messicans, and anybody else that wants to invade our country” types. I’m not sure that’s the support he wants, since I think he would rather kill all cops.

    I could go back and get you links, but I had to find these things myself…so can you. I told you where to look. I am not here to serve.

    Not trying to be a smartass, but I really don’t feel like going back and finding the links for you.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! And I do mean that…

  7. You assert there are documents that support your position, but you refuse to provide links to documents which support your assertions.

    Try again.

    I’ve read a lot of what he’s written, but you’re stating that he takes positions that I haven’t seen in his writings. If I’m missing something, enlighten me.

  8. BTW, Ry…

    Have you noticed that Fishface won’t address me directly? And why did he pull his original post to his own website???

    Inquirinq minds would like to know…

  9. Ry,

    As to positons he has taken in the past, try or any number of others. He presents himself as a newbie, which is probably what he was, but he had an attitude even then.

    I will not go back to look for other links…just do the search as I said. I won’t do your research for you. I have no reason to lie about anything pertaining to him.

  10. Actually, I resent the implication. I told you where and how to look, and you can refine a search.

    I’ve been a cop, but I have also lived a long time. His story sounds like pure bullshit to me.

    I respect your calling me on that, but I still say do it yourself. That way you will know I didn’t “cherry-pick” anything.

    You seem to be a nice guy, and you don’t trust what I say. That’s fine. You should be wary. Just do what I said…there are almost infinite ways to refine a search…play with them.

    I have been challenging Jason here for a few days now, even on his own website. I have yet to get a response.

    Might we still be friends, even when I am proven right? *grin*

  11. Wayne, You will not get my goat. You say I would rather kill all cops??? Never, in anyway, have I stated such things.

    Those links, at the firing line and else where, you say to have found with google are provided at the bottom of my details 2.0 page. Which I will put in the Url for this comment.

    As for your wild accusations that I pulled the original post because I am lieing or hiding or BS or any of your crap is nonsense. The blogsphere is too big and my butt is currently on the line, (not ONLINE).

    I’m not sure that my attitude is your problem, or my beliefs and principles that I act on and am willing to stand up for?

    As for not addressing you directly, I now have. But, I will say that you didn’t deserve my time.

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