Washington State governors race

Friday night I picked up Xenia’s boyfriend John in Colfax and brought him to Moscow to see her concert.  On the way he, nice guy that he is, starting talking to me.  He brought up the governors race and expressed his pleasure that Rossi was winning and had picked up a few votes in the second recount.  I told him that I expected the Gregoire would win.  Four years ago during The Florida Election I read about how the Democrats had a special team, sort of an election SWAT team that was dispactched to close elections and had a near 100% success rate in converting a narrow loss into victory.  I told John I expected that since the national Democrat party was involved with the big money to recount the vote that Rossi was screwed.  Their “SWAT“ team is almost for certain engaged and racking up a “body count“.

Michelle Malkin is now telling us that my fear is coming true.


4 thoughts on “Washington State governors race

  1. I don’t see that Analog Kid and I disagree. All that has to happen is for the split on those 561 “new” votes to go 55-45 in favor of Gregoire (and all other counties to remain unchanged) and she takes it. And of course King County is far more in favor of Democrats than that. In the last recount it went 57.75-40.09 (with the L candidate taking 2.16%).


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