John Ross on Democrats and guns

John Ross has a nice article on Democrats and guns.  He is suggesting the same thing I did yesterday with lots of examples and careful reasoning.  He takes a while to get to the point but it’s sound logic.  A sample:

       “Mom, you yourself admit that people like me with our guns aren’t any problem at all.  All the candidates you like that lost on Tuesday would’ve won if they vigorously supported the Second Amendment.  Why do almost all Democrat politicians today want to disarm honest, taxpaying adults?  Why is that one thing so all-important to them? Why? You believe in pro-choice as a freedom issue.  You oppose mandatory waiting periods for abortions.  Why won’t your pro-choice candidates oppose waiting periods for guns?  If they did, they’d be more likely to get elected or re-elected, pass the pro-choice legislation they want, and keep abortion available, safe, and legal.  Isn’t that the most important thing to them and to you?  Isn’t it much more important than taking away my guns?” She nodded, so I went on.

        “Would you expect a black voter to ever vote for a candidate who had repeatedly and consistently voted for bills that would let cafes segregate their lunch counters once again?” I asked.

        “Of course not,” she answered.

        “Then how can you hope people like me might support John Kerry, when he voted for every antigun bill put in front of him, and against every progun bill, in the last 20 years?  Why do John Kerry, Claire McCaskill, Tom Daschle, and all the other Tuesday losers want to disarm me?  Can you imagine Harry Truman wanting to disarm honest adult Americans?”  My mother admitted she could not.