Next door neighbor girl makes national news

We always called her ‘CC’, but in the news they call her Celia.

A boy who said on the Internet that he planned to bomb his high school was turned in by the 16-year-old daughter of a university police officer who heads a cyber crimes unit, authorities said.

Authorities credited Celia McGinty of Moscow, Idaho, with foiling a plot to bomb Chippewa Valley High School outside Detroit.

Police said a search of 17-year-old Andrew Osantowski’s home last week turned up instructions for making a bomb and videotapes of him with assault weapons.

She said Monday on ABC’s “Good Morning America” that the boy — who started at Chippewa Valley High School on August 31 — was very specific about how he would take revenge on teachers and schoolmates.

She is sixteen now, and was only about five or six at the time, but it was after she got into some things that we thought were hidden fairly well in our bedroom that I had sufficient motivation to buy a gun safe.

Good job CC.