Boomershoot in Outside Magazine

As Ry already reported, the October issue of Outside Magazine with the article on Boomershooting is out.  It is a nice article.  Lisa Anne Auerbach did a good job on it — considering the premise she had to work with.  The issue was “The Sex & Sin Issue” and Lisa had to spice it up a little with lines like:

It sounds so wrong on so many levels–the guns, the noise, the NRA–but what can I say?  Sometimes a girl just has to get the kinks out, and firing guns is a great way to do it.

It was a positive article and I’m pleased to get the attention.  My disappointment is that Ry was not mentioned.  Tim, Lisa, and their kids were there too and were not mentioned either, but I could see dropping them in an article tight for space.  But Ry was such a major part of the entire experience that it wasn’t really right to not mention him.  There wasn’t a link to either of the boomershoot web sites either ( and  And there were no pictures published.  There were lots of pictures taken, but nothing made it into the magazine.

Oh well.  I’m happy about it.  I was a bit apprehensive that some of Ms. Auerbach’s anti-gun feelings would come through but they did not.   Thank you Lisa.